Jobseekers - Sacramento Works lets you search for jobs by a radius from your home ZIP code, and by city as well as by county, workforce region, specific metropolitan area or statewide. And the new Quick Search option remembers your search area so you only have to enter it if you want to look in a new area. New advanced job search features let you focus your search better than ever. An integrated Background Wizard / Resume Writing tool makes it easier than ever to create a professional resume and fine tune your job searches.

Employers - Sacramento Works has a quick search feature that remembers your search location. There is also an advanced search function that lets you select from a larger number of selection criteria, identify them as required, desirable, or not applicable and rank resumes by how well they match your selection criteria. This can help limit the number of resumes you must sort through and focuses you right in on the best matches.

The Sacramento Works website is a powerful online tool designed to assist job seekers or students in searching for the right job, and help employers who are looking for the best job candidates. The site serves as a hub for the states workforce services while focusing on job openings and job candidates. The site is also a valuable resource for policy makers, researchers, and others seeking to explore and analyze local labor markets.

With thousands of job listings extracted from nearly every employer in the state, finding job opportunities that fit an individuals needs and skills are easily accessed with a few mouse clicks. Employers searching for suitable candidates will benefit from the convenience of one website for potential candidate searches and review of job market trends. This dynamic information is contained in a statewide database to expand the job selection and recruitment process for every individual and employer.

Current data available on Sacramento Works includes a strategic mix of job openings, career exploration, employer information, education, and labor market research information. Job seekers, students, or employers may click on the site whenever they need accurate data to make informed decisions on careers, training, wages, occupation searches, and resource recruitment.

Take the time to discover new career opportunities and job candidates using Sacramento Works!